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Small Business Financing Nationwide

Small business financing is the perfect solution for when a business needs cash without waiting to obtain a bank loan, or is unable to receive approval for financing from a bank. At UpCurve, we work with top lenders to help small or mid-sized businesses find the financing they need. Already have a bank loan but need additional funds for another purpose? Small business financing also works in this situation. Loans or advances are available in almost all geographies in the United States.

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High Approval Rate

One of the many advantages of working with UpCurve is our lending partners’ high approval rates. Instead of focusing solely on a business' credit score, our lenders look at the overall health of the business, taking into account the company's cash flow, industry, and length of time in business.

Businesses are usually approved for financing equal to 10% of their yearly revenue. Once your business has received the funds, you can use the loan or advance to hire staff, expand your business, purchase inventory, and upgrade or repair your equipment – or to tackle other business initiatives.

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Minimal Paperwork

With UpCurve’s partners, the financing application process is simple and fast so your business can get the funds it needs quickly. The application process requires minimal paperwork and takes approximately ten minutes to complete. Applicants need to provide their business' bank statements when they apply. Once your application is received, our lenders will then make an approval decision, usually in 24 hours or less. After you have been approved for financing, your funds will be directly deposited into your bank account, typically on the same or next business day.

We make sure that applying for financing is simple as well. If your company has been in business at least a year, has a minimum of $3,000 in credit card processing each month or at least $100,000 in annual revenue, and has a separate business bank account, you meet the minimum qualifications for financing.

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No Large Monthly Payments

Another advantage of working with us our partners to obtain your small business financing is an easy repayment system. Instead of repaying your loan with a large monthly lump sum payment, your loan is repaid with daily micropayments. Small payments, which can be variable or fixed, are automatically withdrawn from your business' credit card processing or bank account on a daily basis.

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Small Business Funding to Help Your Business Grow


We connect you with the capital you need, through local partners you know. UpCurve – a division of GateHouse Media, the largest network of community newspapers in the country – is committed to supporting those communities by serving the unique needs of small businesses.

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