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Am I eligible?

You can apply for small business financing if you have:

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Small business financing is a key ingredient to your success. When you are ready to buckle down and tackle key business initiatives, UpCurve will match you with lenders who can provide the financing you need.

Want to know how to qualify for a loan or advance for your small business? Below are our three tenets when it comes to obtaining lending. Feel free to contact UpCurve to learn more.

Proving Longevity for Lenders

A business plan is an important element of business success, but a business plan alone will not get you the funding you need. Proven action is more persuasive than ideas. Banks and established lenders provide the majority of small business loans. These are conservative capital sources that do not relish the idea of taking large risks. If you have been operating for more than one year, you have an operational history that indicates you are a more steadfast investment for their time and funds.

Revenue Requirements

An annual revenue of $100,000 or more or $3,000 in monthly credit card processing is one of the minimum qualifications for financing with UpCurve’s lending partners. These numbers show lenders that you are able to repay loans and willing to invest in the long-term future of your business. UpCurve seeks to fill a gap between small business financing needs and the lending options available to them. We keep our starting expectations as low as possible to help those managing a small business obtain access to the same tools that larger corporations have available to them.

By accessing capital, your business is empowered to take the next step toward growth and stability, whether through new hires or additional inventory. UpCurve connects you with the right lender, based on your location, growth plan, industry, and credit score.

Your FICO Score and Funding

Our partners specialize in stepping in when your local bank is not an option. We are not a lender or a broker; but we believe in connecting small businesses with the capital they need, poor credit score or not. A separate business banking account is a third minimum qualification, as it separates your past personal financial dealings from the current expectations of your company, making it easier to gain approval for financing.

Contact UpCurve to apply now and get the funds you need to build the future of your small business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. > Do I Qualify?

    You can apply for small business financing if you have:

    • 1 year in business
    • $100,000 in annual revenue OR $3,000 monthly credit card processing
    • Separate business bank account
  2. > What are the advantages of UpCurve?

    • Fast Financing
    • High Approval Rate
    • Minimal Paperwork
    • Daily Micro-Payments (No Lump Sum!)
    • Cash-Flow Based
  3. > What are common uses for short-term financing?

    • Purchasing inventory
    • Hiring employees
    • Marketing initiatives
    • Unexpected opportunities and expenses
    • General cash flow and working capital
  4. > How does repayment work?

    There are no large, painful lump-sum monthly payments. Easy micro-payments take the sting out of paying back your capital. Small payments, either variable or fixed, are automatically withdrawn from your account or credit card processing daily.

    This allows you to make your payments without feeling the effects of a large withdrawal at the end of the month when many other large bills are due. The automated payment process allows you to pay back your loan without having to think about it.

  5. > Can I get additional funding?

    Yes! In most cases, you’ll become eligible for additional capital once you’ve paid back around half of your initial balance.

  6. > How much will I be approved for?

    Funding decisions by the lenders are based on the overall health of the business. Several factors are taken into consideration during the underwriting process such as cashflow, industry, time in business, and credit score (though this is far from the most important). Businesses are generally approved for around 10% of their annual revenue.

  7. > How does this compete with bank loans?

    It doesn’t. Small business financing is complementary, not competitive, with what banks offer.

    We are committed to improving access, reducing the time needed for delivery of capital, and providing a better overall borrower experience.

    Short term financing is most appropriately used:

    • As an alternative to a bank loan, when the latter is unavailable; or
    • In addition to a bank loan, with these funds used to serve a different purpose
  8. > What do you mean ‘an alternative to a bank loan’?

    Traditional loans are often not an option for business owners. Whether you’re unable to be approved by your bank, or you find yourself in an emergency situation with an immediate need, short term small business funds fill an important void.

  9. > Who will UpCurve work with?

    Some of the top industries that we are able to work with and provide support to are:

    • Agriculture & Landscaping
    • Apparel & Accessories
    • Auto Repair
    • Beauty Salons
    • Business Services
    • Construction
    • Health Services/Physicians
    • Grocery Stores
    • Furniture Stores
    • Hotels
    • Liquor Stores
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Restaurants
    • Wholesalers

    Restricted industries that we may be unable to work with include:

    • Adult Entertainment/Materials
    • Auto Dealerships
    • Bail Bonds
    • Collection Agencies
    • Consumer Debt Counseling
    • Dating/Escort Services
    • Gambling
    • Gentlemen’s Clubs
    • Investment Funds
    • Mail Order Sales
    • Medical Marijuana Shops
    • Multilevel Marketing
    • Distributors
    • Online Firearm Sales
    • Online Pharmacy Sales
    • Online Supplements/Enhancements
    • Online Tobacco Sales
    • Pawn Shops
    • Psychic Services
    • Timeshares
    • Travel Related Businesses

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  10. > Is UpCurve available in all states?

    UpCurve is currently unavailable in the following states, due to potential restrictions on lending referrals:

    • California
    • Georgia
    • Nebraska
    • North Carolina
    • North Dakota