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Working Capital

Working capital, the difference between a business' current debts and assets, is essential to a company's daily operations. Businesses rely on working capital on a daily basis to cover unplanned expenses, make regularly scheduled payments, cover payroll, and to manufacture their goods.

Without working capital, businesses risk financial insolvency and potentially face legal problems and bankruptcy, as well as being forced to liquidate assets. When a business is waiting for expected payments to arrive, it causes a shortage of working capital. Short-term small business loans or advances can be great ways to bridge temporary gaps in a business' cash flow in times of need.

Equipment Lease

If a company lacks the proper equipment, it cannot function. However, leasing equipment can be expensive. A short-term loan or advance covers the cost of an equipment lease. A business may also find that it needs to repair or upgrade its equipment to maintain efficient operations; short-term financing is a good source of funding for these expenses as well.


A lack of inventory causes a business to lose money from missed sales opportunities and lose accounts from dissatisfied customers. In addition, businesses are often able to get their inventory at a discount by buying in bulk. Short-term business financing helps you get the right amount of inventory to keep your business in the black.


Sometimes, it is necessary for a business to renovate its space to upgrade its aesthetics or to meet new regulations. Growing businesses also face the problem of running out of operating room or storage. With insufficient space, a company cannot run effectively. Businesses can use short-term loans to renovate or expand their facilities to maximize their growth and profit potential.

Other Uses for Short-Term Financing

As a business scales up, it also needs to hire staff to keep up with customer demands. Financing helps a business get new employees to take on new accounts. Advertising campaigns can be expensive, but short-term loans cover these costs. When a business faces an unexpected emergency and needs cash right away, short-term financing is the perfect solution.

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What can I use small business capital for?

There are many reasons you might need short-term financing. From buying inventory to finally repairing that machine that’s been acting up, a small business loan or advance can help you cover unexpected expenses or take advantage of growth opportunities.

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hire staff with a small business loan

Hiring Staff

Personal freedom,
faster service

marketing with a small business loan


Pay for
campaign services

small business loan for cash flow

Cash Flow

Waiting for payments
to come in

small business loan for payroll


Embarrassing to run
out of cash

grow business with small business loan


More space =
more business

purchase equipment with a small business loan


Upgrade, repair,
installation, mandate

small business loan for emergency


Unexpected emergencies
or opportunity